Journey 102: The Walk

Just as when you think that the world is flat that both ends meet where your eyes can vividly see that you will take those silly walks down anywhere. Alleyways, byways, driveways, pavements and dirt-roads. These walks are what we do to collect down experiences every time we took the step forward.

It is also through these walks that we encounter encumbrances and some short-lived victories. It is also through these that one gets to know themselves better than they could have ever imagined. The walks may be literal but to some, these are in the minds. We wander off to places we never could have imagined we can ever been.

I have one experience while talking through the train platform in Kuala Lumpur in 2008 that I came across a slogan they espoused for families. “They walked you through LIFE. Have you left your parents to WALK ALONE?” as the statement of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. Certainly, the statement was an affirmation of all the walks we do in life. Have we truly left them to walk alone? Have we ever looked back with concern how our parents are while we are busy with our own lives? Cultures and circumstances vary in these but the bottom line still, have we care for our parents enough? Have we walked with them while they are with us? Or are we walking alone?

The statement rather brought me to a philosophical standstill which made me validated the many reasons I have stayed home with my late parents (Dad passed away in 2004 and Mum passed away in 2009). I felt far more blessed because I took them under my arms and I am to theirs while I am already about to take my leap of faith or like an eagle trying to fly away from the nest I grew up in. With it, I felt complete as a son for I have been with them until their last breath. No regrets, no guilt for I have lived with them and literally walked with them.

Now the question will always be, “have we left our parents to WALK ALONE?”

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