Journey 103. The BEAUTY

Just as you think you are all too consumed about your physical beauty that you tend to forget your own self-worth because it gives you the upper-hand in condescending others who are not at par by what you have in terms of the beauty barometer. One has to always be in retrospect that beauty is never a guarantee that the laurels and power of the world be yours to wield. Yes, Helen of Troy has it and as legend coined it, “the beauty that launched a thousand ships”, but all too consuming is the paradox that we rely heavily on it for love, fame and respect when we all knew too well that it fades away, too often, fleetingly. Physical attributes fades away the same manner we flip through the pages of a worn out book. It serves the purpose, alright, but it does not provide you with the added value of self-appreciation, respect, admiration beyond what is seen in the eye and most importantly, sincerity.

Yes, beauty may be multi-faceted but all too consuming too is the fact that everywhere in the world, ladies and even men are too consumed with services and products that can easily and instantaneously makes one looked beautiful or handsome but every bit of their personality speaks otherwise. Can one buy something on the shelf at the grocery or malls where one can use to improve confidence, honesty, loyalty, integrity and much more, to value others as equal? I have yet to see any product that harness the inner beauty from within, those that do not easily fade away and remains in us forever.
Our definition of beauty is always limited to what we see, feel and taste. We never value what are those intangibles that makes us stand-out even as we do not looked like super models strutting on fashion shows in Milan, Paris, New York or Tokyo and even if we do not act like Tyra Banks or Linda Evangelista. All ladies and even men, are beauteous even more when they value what is inside them rather than what is outside. We have seen many episodes of those dummy-heads who have all those branded “beauties” in their skin who have fell prey to scandals and exploitation. Need we say more?

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