Journey 110: TRUST

Trust is the ability to believe and rely on someone and giving them the opportunity to destroy or hurt you but remains confident that they will not and do not hurt you.

Its relative to every situations but still the same, it builds on life as we move from here to there, getting through at life and it is not built overnight. Trust is manifestly shared, mutually felt. It can not be easily given but it has to be earned. Earning trust is one but sustaining it is another.

Many relationships are built on TRUST; in fact, one of the hallmarks of the virtues we got to live by is LOVE. When there is LOVE then TRUST is nearby. When there is TRUST, there has to be LOVE within.

Trust between siblings, parents to children, lovers, couples, partners, friends and associates are building on our own humanity. It defines our own singular definition of TRUST and that is by believing that there are no greater motivations there are in life except for us to sustain the shared love and shared LIFE.

As I have said, TRUST is one virtue we can openly and honestly, share with everyone we come across but let us be mindful that not sustaining it results into RUST because we inadvertently omitted or avoided the T that defines the anchor for trust and that is the TRUTH.

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2 thoughts on “Journey 110: TRUST

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