Poem 101: ‘Tis Christmas

Children singing carols
The air cool and warmth of the people
Listening, seeing, greeting and hugging
Kissing friends and families
Partying and joyously smiling
The air is cool and warm
‘Tis Christmas

People saying Merry Christmas greeted me
Everytime i encounter ‘em
Office, school, work and study
People buy presents
Boys are becoming good while they are often bad
Girls are promptly and gracefully seeing their mother’s eye
Every detail is perfect for Santa comes rushing in
‘Tis Christmas, this Christmas as merry and have a Merry Christmas

Like the lights on the tree
The bells decking out the fancy tree
Chiming sweet melody
After all, tis Christmas is of melody
Carols, love, feelings, caring and forgiving

But some Christmas are dim
Challenges, trials, lack of work, money and perhaps honey
Made them feel blue
Cheer on, tomorrow might be off in the willow
For no waves, no storms
No fear, no stress, no qualms
Cheer on, move on, at tis Christmas
You may be on your own, but know
That God is well in town, you know.

-Wendell Glenn Cagape (December 17, 2009)

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