Poem 103: I LOVE YOU

I love you even if
You are all the same
As yesterday, once more
Even if things awry
We are better
Even if people are wary
We will survive
As ours is something more than love
We have more than we can
A love so full, a love so blissful

I love you not
Because you are beautiful but
Because you are you
You are full of warmth
Sincerity, care, affection and
Because you are you;

I love you even more
As our days turn to years,
I love you still even if we are both with deaf ears,
With poor sight, bent by age and gray in hair
We promise to be together
Our last breath means forever,
I intend, yes, I intend to love you forevermore.

Wendell Glenn Cagape March 27, 2010

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3 thoughts on “Poem 103: I LOVE YOU

  1. This constantly amazes me exactly how blog writers for example yourself can find some time and also the dedication to carry on composing good discussions. Your blog isfantastic and one of my personal ought to read blogs. I just needed to thank you.

  2. A love so true makes one like me hope that I may experience such happiness. Hehehe. Very Nice Poem po!

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