Journey 114: LETTING GO

The art of letting go is total acceptance at whatever decisions brought about in every situation and circumstance. It is attained by accepting that there are some acts or deeds that are not acceptable and non-negotiable. In all fronts, when confronted with the critical decision, follow your heart. If the heart says “yes, you may” then take the little steps further away and move on. Look back to learn what has been the wrongs and make amends with the wronged person. This is much appreciated if we now follow the beatings of our heart and say, “yes, I can”.

Attached to this is the misery one feels, the pains and the loneliness. One must be stronger than he/she thinks to move on. One is braver to have stayed and repair what has been damaged and salvaged those that can be but for those who are brave enough to leave, then the decision for leaving is theirs to keep. One must be open to the sad point that when we do make decisions those decisions will have its own consequences, some dire and others not.

But in letting go, one should in retrospect, consider those things, events, memories, opportunities to be missed out, laughter, cries, hugs, kisses, simple words, pat in the shoulder, approving look, a nod of approbation and many more that can never be experience again. Those will be in the past and the past remains to be there, just a figment of one’s memory.

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