Journey 115: MOVING ON

There are moments we think if it is still worth going through the same tide, being toss and turn, like the unpredictable waves in the ocean. There are moments one has to think harder if there are decisions that will be sufficient to justify staying or leaving, but certainly there has to be made. Staying is a choice as well as leaving but either way, there are consequences.

We can always move on gracefully, as they say. On the lighter side of it, there are moments one has to look back and say, “Am still valued?”, “Am I still respected?” and “Am still cared for?”. If the answers are all NO, then by all means, one has to let go and move on.

But like a tree which died naturally and its leaves falling on the ground, relationships also do the same unless sufficiently cared for, watered and sufficient sunshine to make it grow stronger and bear fruits. If all is futile and all seemed uninspired anymore, then moving on is much easier to bear, though the pains, the hardships are there. But one can never stay any longer if the reasons for leaving is greater and the cost of staying is higher – emotionally.

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