Journey 116: LOVE

If you think love ceases away, then LOVE anyway;

If you feel that love expires away, then LOVE anyway;

If you see that love loses its meaning, then LOVE anyway;

There are many challenges and trials that hinder one from loving harder and making them realized that loving more than themselves is impossible without pain. But what is rewarding is that in the end, you can tell to yourself that in those circumstances and situations, you had been there, conquered it, experienced how was it to be there, and learned from it.

In love, yes, it gives you happiness but there are moments that you felt pained, betrayed, lied, cut-off, biased, and stepped on and so on. The list of the pains one has to feel is longer than the happiness one has to feel while loving, but is it what you value and measure? Do you come into such relationships to be pained or you come to be happy? When happiness counts more than the pain, that is surely impossible but what is significant is that, every step you took, you tested the waters, wade through it and float in it – that is genuine LOVE.

But just remember this; Do you love to hurt or do you love to be happy?

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2 thoughts on “Journey 116: LOVE

  1. gretchen

    hmmmm love has its so many meanings but the best is love God about all … then everything follows … 🙂

    • I agree with you Gretchen in your perspective of love. The love of God is much higher and loftier than anything we feel. That should and that how it should be in the first place and all is well, all will be well. God bless you and your family.

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