Journey 117: WALKING ALONE

Standing at the edge of life, one should not be careless in deciding which way to go and whom will you go. Is walking alone an option or a choice? In life’s journey, we find friends, associates, partners, husbands, wives and children but truly, is your journey one that is set off together or you have just decided to walk alone? Is walking alone makes one at peace within the space one asked? Does it give you time to reflect whether those moments you had together will be justified by the silence you got to feel?

Similarly, when you lose someone or someone lose you, will walking alone be a strong way of moving on? Is it that we love for a reason and the reason is joy, peace, acceptance, respect, mutual sincerity and understanding as well as shared incompleteness, pains, failures, and more so, continued adjustment and trust.

When someone died, will it be an option to walk alone? No, it was never an option nor a choice for us to choose. It is God-sent purpose that we walk alone, but was it because someone has made us feel alive that when they are gone, we are gone with them too? The pains one has to endure walking alone is balanced by the silence one feels and just like the trees that you passed by, it just whispers to you to just slowly and surely walk on, move on and find your way home.

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2 thoughts on “Journey 117: WALKING ALONE

  1. gretchen

    there are times walking alone is necessary to make a reflection of what transpired or what to think or do … but God will always be with u as u ponder all ur thoughts … and God will guide us to what to do … 🙂

    • I agree with that Gretchen with what you said that there are moment in life that one has to endure walking alone to reflect and re-take perhaps the steps one has made to make amends to what has been and what has not. And of course, God is always the focal compass of every walk we take and as we do, we are in his abiding grace which makes every walk spiritually enriching and emotionally refreshing.

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