Journey 119: When They are gone

When we journeyed through LIFE, we reach the destination too fast and too soon. But for the lives of those helpless nursing graduates of the University of La Sallete in Santiago City, Isabela whose dreams and aspirations have gone with their demise, their end and destination should not be too soon. They are all in high spirits as they are on their way to the second day of the Nursing Licensure Exams but this was cut-off because the bed and breakfast budget hotel they have stayed was on fire, killing all of them .

They will be most remembered by their families, friends, classmates and to us, the Filipino nation. We mourn for the hope we have loss. We mourn for the young people, whose dreams for a better tomorrow was suddenly cut-off and whose death was a result of a poor building construction, poor fire exits and poor oversight on the part of the government to monitor how safe are public buildings are. This will go down in the history of the Philippines as one of the saddest Christmas when we loss so much too soon.

Rest in Peace all of you brothers Jerome Saet, Francis Carambas, Nelmar Galapia, Narl Jensan Lopez, Henderson Lodevico, Marlon Justin Viernes, Ryan James Malaki, Richard Allen Gonzales and Ronualdo Respicio. Your good memories will never be forgotten and we, the entire Filipino nation mourns your loss, bids you bye with our love, peace and prayers.

For this loss, I borrow what Antoine de Saint Éxupéry said: “He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man”

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