Journey 121: I FELT YOU

Just as when I was writing in my work and reading the blog entries I had for those who passed away last Sunday, whom I featured here on my blog, strange but comforting wind blew some leaves off the trees behind my office’s windows and some leaves fell on me. There were 15 dried leaves that has been flown into the my office through the window. Dried leaves and mahogany leaves came into the office as if spirits have helped them come through. I never had experienced such an awesome occurrence which is a spiritually rewarding journey until today.Its not coincidence but it was a message sent from them and allow me to tell you, I felt them.

I hardly find time to sleep last night that is why I was inspired to write something for those who have departed in Tuguegarao City and they all hailed from Santiago City, Isabela Province, miles and miles away from where I am. I never knew these graduates personally but I felt the pain a family has to endure losing someone they so loved. These young men could have become nurses, get careers and work well. When they are gone, they have gone too soon. The overcast skies and this experience I had alone in my office made me felt a message was sent and I felt that the leaves are being pushed from the trees to where I am in this very instant.

I am a firm believer of the power of spirits and I know it’s their way letting me know that I felt them. God speed for your journey my brothers. Carry on in the journey all our love, appreciation, friendship, faith, peace and prayers

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