Journey 123: PRAYERS

The comforting words or phrase in a prayer that says, “God bless You” means so much at the times when we are grieving over a loss of a loved one. I felt this meaning when both my dad and mum passed away in an interim of 5 years. The loss I felt over my dad who passed away in the hospital was repeated over what I had to endure seeing my beloved mum at the ICU fighting for her dear life when she got cardiac arrest. I felt helpless, in tears and shouting for my mum. On my dad’s, I felt shocked as he smiled at me just prior to letting go of his physical body. I perfectly understood the role of a son, whom they both adored and pampered. I felt the pain even until today, thus while on my way to the office, I was reading the book Saving Graces written by recently demised Elizabeth Edwards relating how she felt losing her son Wade in a car accident, the pains and the sorrow just flashed back at me and what I can learn from her perspectives is PRAYER. There can be no other way comforting families and friends but through Prayer.

What our brothers Jerome Saet, Francis Carambas, Nelmar Galapia, Narl Jensan Lopez, Henderson Lodevico, Marlon Justin Viernes, Ryan James Malaki, Richard Allen Gonzales and Ronualdo Respicio all need are our prayers sent with love and peace. We joined tonight in vigil as they came home from Tuguegarao. Their hopes and dreams just taken away from them and we mourn their loss.

Along with PRAYER is a celebration of LIFE. Even in death, one must celebrate LIFE. We must not allow what happened at 1am on Sunday to rob away the best memories friends and families have of their loved ones. These young men have great memories and legacies to share. They have their stories and their stories are ever told deep within each and every heart of those whom they have touched and inspired.

+ + + + + + + + +


Our Heavenly Father,

We petition from you that the passing through the veil of those who departed,

Jerome Saet,

Francis Carambas,

Nelmar Galapia,

Narl Jensan Lopez,

Henderson Lodevico,

Marlon Justin Viernes,

Ryan James Malaki,

Richard Allen Gonzales and

Ronualdo Respicio

Be acceptable in your sight and that your Holy Presence shall envelop them

As they come into your omnipotent Presence in order to partake of their role as your Spirit Sons, grant unto them the peace and that they shall henceforth be rewarded with the gifts of salvation and guidance over those whom they have left behind;

We also pray for those whose families, friends and neighbours, classmates and former patients whom they have left behind, that they shall take the courage to see through life, their lives as they lived it on earth; that they may also find peace and the comforts of your Heavenly care in the midst of their absence.

Abide in them Heavenly Father that their journey back to you will be swift and effortless.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN

+ + + + + + + + +

Prayers are very powerful weapon against pain, grieving, hopelessness, despair and sorrow. Let us send them and their families our prayers. Wherever you may be reading this, like you, I have not known these nurses personally but their passing away is such a great loss and whether we have seen them personally or not, it does not matter anymore because we are all a big Christian family.

Know that you have all the support through the prayers we shall all offer in your names.

God bless you all in your journey back home brothers…

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