Journey 124: The Art of Dying

Part of the cycle of life is the gateway towards another dimension of living which has to pass through the door of death. One will never aspire for anything for anyone at any given time but there are many instances when the manner one has to die differs from others. Some died peacefully in their sleep, some on their way to church, some at the home, some at the car, some while they eat, some while they are in their office, some at the hospital, some through accidents, drowning, fire, and list can go on and on. Just as important as living each day, one must be oriented to his own passing. Each day one lives on giving inspiration, support, help to anyone we encounter but in afterthought though, have we ever think of how we die someday?

After having read the book of Eugene O’Kelley entitled “Chasing Daylight”, I shall be as optimistic as him when he said that his brain tumours which gave him 100 days more to live is a gift. He considered it a gift to be able to prepare for what is inevitable. He closed all his relationships intentionally, never a Swan song but just simply putting everything in order just before he leave his physical body.

I have talked to a co-employee Dr. Regina Cuizon who was battling with illness that at one point in her life, when she was about to be under the scalpel again for a problem in the uterus that she gotten herself the courage to write down what she wished for when she die, all in six (6) yellow-pad paper, written in her own hand, and in detail, list down all those that she wanted done on her funeral, her wake and everything, including how much to be spent. I asked her why did she did it the way she does, Dr. Cuizon just told me, “I have prepared well on my wedding day, I have to better prepare for my way home to my Father”. Just as simple as that. Every lunch in the school, I get to talk to her and share in her wisdom and insights of life.

What I have learnt out of the book written by Eugene and the real-life experience of Regina made me think deeper about the art of dying. It is much easier when there are open acceptance and relief, one commonly felt among cancer patients who are given a short notice of leased life, but what about those who died of accidents or fire and many others, where they can never be prepared? They never had a choice to make and to prepare?

According to what I have read in the book “Angel Answers” written by Diana Cooper, we inherently (in the spirit world) decided pretty much how we end our life’s contract on earth. It is we, prior to our coming to earth, that decides how we depart. It is what matters because as biblically evidenced, no one save for some few, will be able to live eternally and cheat death altogether. Insofar as we are not exempt, then we have to abide by the course of human nature, which all men shall end here to henceforth enter into another realm where peace reigns forever and for eternity.

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2 thoughts on “Journey 124: The Art of Dying

  1. Very good post and tips! It’s very useful for me, thanks for sharing.

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