Poem 104: Remember just as we do

Just as I laugh,
Just as I cried;
Just as I teased you;
Just as I hugged you;
Just as walked by you;
Just as I looked at you;
Just as I prayed with you;
Just as I adored you;
Just as I talked with you;
Just as I smile, I breathe, I sleep, I snore, I drink;
Just as we are together, school times, and at no times at all;

Just as I learn to walk with you, talk with you, stare at you;
Just as kissed you, just as I loved you, Just and so many that we do;

Just as we lived through you,
Just as we greeted you;
Just as we danced, we sang, we cheered, we jeered too;
Just and so many just that we do;

Just as we do, never tis;
We may be gone, just as everybody do;
But just remember us like we do;
Not tis, not tis – just as we do!

-Wendell Glenn Cagape
December 22, 2010

† in memoriam to Jerome Saet, Francis Carambas, Nelmar Galapia, Narl Jensan Lopez, Henderson Lodevico, Marlon Justin Viernes, Ryan James Malaki, Richard Allen Gonzales and Ronualdo Respicio

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