Travels 110: Just Wushu your way to China!

When we have visited to the Nanning Athlete’s Training base in Guangxi, I was impressed at how they prepare their young people for sports. If one got a potential for gold in the Olympics then they come here and enrol. All they got to do the whole day for class? PRACTICE their craft.

We started to check on gymnastics then to this facility on the second floor of the training based, which is for martial arts.

Since I was in Manila, I took the fancy of the wushu sport however, I still have not seen anything like it before my very eyes, so when I was in China in October this year, I just had to wushu my way through China so to speak!

This young man is an athlete for the Chinese team for the wushu sports. At least when this man starts winning Olympic golds for China, I first saw him perform wushu for us who visited the training base and this one was literally just wushu-ing our way to China!

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