The beauty of independence is that even after birth, we have to try our first walk, utter our first word and wade through waves and waves of life’s challenges on our own. One must always recall that as we step out of this world, we partake of life’s equal nature, of its challenges, strong trials and happiness too. Like this turtles out to see, one must take the courage to face life at its most formidable force.

One can never guaranteed safe voyage beyond the sea but at least, one has tried to be where they can be and take on their life’s purpose and direction. These turtles do not have a choice to make of staying in the sand and die but swim to the open waters and live. Breathing like life has to end soon, one must seize opportunities thrown at him and swim. It is never a choice to make but a life to live.

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4 thoughts on “Journey 134. INDEPENDENCE

  1. masroor

    nice site and journey places

  2. gretchen

    yes its true … once a small step is made … the next will be a big leap, and whatever takes u to ur dream be proud u made it by urself, provided u have not step on anybody’s toes … 🙂

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