Journey 136: SIMPLICITY

The simplicity of LIFE is by a tree early in the morning or in the afternoon, gazing at the future ahead and how things are when we are young. Never as complicated, hustle-laden and stressful life in the office, school, hospitals, and elsewhere. It is found in every heart that is content by what one sees through in LIFE no matter what their station is. Simplicity tells us to be where we should be at any given moment or space, never too flashy or never too grand – just the best we can be.

Simplicity also dictates that we pause from what ails and focus on what the world, in its rawness can also give us. Back when it was of old, no one dies of cancer, no one get so much stressed out in life which resulted into suicide and all that, no one gets to the hospital too often, in fact places have none, no one gets stressed out of their demanding bosses but gets low pay each day at the end of the hardest toil. It is only in our moment that we kept pace with what the “present-future” tell us. If they tell us to work harder and earn harder, we do, if they tell us to earn harder to spender harder then we do. It’s a cyclical incurable madness that will result in us not appreciating what simple things in life are.

The simplest things in life can never be bought by any amount of money. It is only when we stop from where we are too busy with our “busy-ness” that we can appreciate the flowers bloom, the air that comes so fresh, the waters that are clean and the butterflies’ metamorphosis. Like butterflies too, we have to stop, take refuge in a cocoon and then metamorphose into something great and beautiful. The walk to a twig or leaf may be arduous but the beauty of rebirth is great. Simple yet rewarding, simple yet refreshing, simple yet absorbing.

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