Travel 111. Bee Farm Resort in Bohol

Way back in 2007, I went to Bohol for a visit with my friends from the Province. It was one of the best memories I get to keep on my visit to the island. Known for its chocolate hills, tarsiers and the famous Loboc River Cruise, one has to visit the Bee Farm Resort and Restaurant.

It is in this restaurant that one can get the chance to sample dishes that are organically grown and home grown too. They do not use artificial sugar or sweetener, only honey. I have tried their lemongrass tea which is refreshing.

This resort is owned by Boholana Vicky Walace and her husband. Its nice because if one get to chance, Vicky is on hand to share some insights on how the resort operates, how guests can relax from the hustle and bustle of city living and the stress from the workplace.

Bohol is known for its friendly people and Bee Farm Resort staffs are best examples of this. If you have not tried eating their organically grown flower salad, then they will graciously and smilingly introduce the viand to you.

They also have so many farm activities to enjoy while there like participating in the farm’s organic farming, local carpentry, painting and weaving local cloths.

And they have the most romantic sunbathing location in the resort.

When you decided to get a holiday with your wife or husband, friends or partners, or with the entire family, visit the Bee Farm Resort. I can vouch for them and I had been there already. I knew the resort and tasted its food.

They can be reach through Vicky here:

Ms. Vicky Wallace
Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol


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