A Meaningful New Year’s wish

Prospectively, one has to aspire for a better 2011 but let us also be realistic at all times. Hitch your dreams on to a star but make sure you are firmly-footed and doing your task of achieving it. No one will ever give you free-meals all the time to make your dreams come true. Work for it then success will be sweeter each day.

My wish for everyone this 2011 is great love, good health, more opportunities for growth and peace.

Also, I will pray that 2011 will not be as challenging as 2010 but more opportunities and blessings to share to others who needs it.

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2 thoughts on “A Meaningful New Year’s wish

  1. vince

    happy new year to you also, doc! wish you all the best!

    • Vince, Happy New Year too to you and your family. I am proud having met someone like you while we were in China. Your generosity knows no bounds and surely, I have learned so much from you and the friendship that we shared. You are like a brother to me and that I am happy to keep.

      Send my regards to the family!

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