My 2010 year-ender

Just as one writes his New Year’s resolutions and all that, I shall focused more on the blessings I have received for 2010 and start counting it. First, it was a successful year for my Jaycee life being the Regional Training Director for Western Mindanao and the Regional Secretary to RVP Ace William Cerilles. We both went through the attendance of inductions, trainings, and others. It was also during this year that I have seen the best charging rites of all JCI chapters in my region. Kudos to RVP Ace William. Seldom do I see someone charging officers in the JCI with much emotion, sincerity, tact and professionalism and given at heart, which means, walang kudigo. Hahaha. It was also this year that I attended the ACM/RCM in Davao City and Iligan but misses it in Lakewood due to gall stone problems. I also missed the concert of Archie D in Bay View Plaza.

It was also this year that I was tasked to pick up Senator Bongbong Marcos from Ozamis Airport to Pagadian City where he was our honoured Guest Speaker for the Graduation Rites. For the first time too, it was this year that I celebrated my birthday with a JCI training.

2010 was a great year for me. It was during this year that I went to China as part of the Official Philippine Delegation to the CHINA-ASEAN Young Leaders Training Program and met friends and built lasting cooperation with counterparts from China, Cambodia and the Philippines. It was during this trip that I get to know China better and has enriched me more as a person.

It was also this year that I started doing couchsurfing and a serious blog at wordpress.

This year also saw me building strong relationships with people whom I valued the most in my life. They had been the greatest source of inspiration and guidance.

As for 2011, I shall endeavour to have a better year and a promising one too with those whom I loved and cared so much in my life.

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