Song 105: Archie D’s Mahal na Mahal

Back from where I studied High School in the city where I grew up, our music teacher got a musician-singer son who has made waves and waves of popularity in the Philippine music scene as a singer, musician, composer and songwriter. He just dropped by at our school and promoted his concert and the rest was history.

This humble yet prominent singer is from the City where I grew up and we shared the same historic beginnings. We have had seen him before and continue to patronize him even until today.

One thing I admired of Archie Dairocas is his seeming humbleness in spite his entire musical prowess and laurels. This singer is well known in New York and elsewhere and I am proud having him on my blog! This song is from his album “Built to Sound Good”.

Enjoy his music my friends!

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2 thoughts on “Song 105: Archie D’s Mahal na Mahal

  1. I’m forever a musician and being in it for the rest of my life I have to make the best environment earth can have and that includes loving people around me while I’m making history. This includes loving you Wendell! My Kababayan!!!!

    • I am proud of you Archie and you are indeed an inspiration to all of us. Your musicality captures us and captivates us forever! Sorry was not able to see your concert down here, darn was at the hospital! too bad but i got your signed CD anyway courtesy of my sister Noreen Smale. Happy New Year my friend!

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