Beauty 102: Maria del Rosario-Wilson

Back in 2003, I was teaching at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in the Department of Consular and Diplomatic Affairs and one of my students was Maria del Rosario-Wilson. One thing I get to remember about Maria is that she is humble in spite what she had been doing as a Miss. PBA, commercial/print and TV model, and host. She used to be the muse of the St. Benilde Blazers during the NCAA games. One thing that made her classmates respect her is that in spite her towering height and her beauty, she remains to be cool, humble, brilliant and most of all, caring to her friends who are also my students in the class.

In spite all the hardwork I required them to do in class, Maria, ever graceful just do her work and actively participates in class, very much unlike the stereotype we see of models/artists. She, in fact, joins us for a meal or coffee at the canteen of CSB and sometimes, saw her even walks down the streets from Benilde to Starbucks or somewhere without someone totting her along.

One thing many ladies can learn of Maria’s attributes is that beauty is never a reason one missed class, or work, or anything that one ventures into because in so far as my classes are concerned, I can never recalled she was absent because there was a photoshot or whatever. She was able to managed her time well and that in spite what she obviously has, she remained flat-footed, caring and friendly.

Maria is happily married to PBA cager William Wilson of Barangay Ginebra Kings and has a pretty baby girl named Kaliya Naomi Wilson.

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