Journey 137: FATE

Fate to a man is destiny to mankind. One attribute of how fate works in us is best seen by our actions for others which define it in its entirety. We can always, as a matter of survival, alter the course of events and in so doing, correcting the past and re-writing history however, there is one thing we can never change, the way the future comes and in what form it shall come before us. Some call that pre-destination but I shall only dwell on what our respective responses shall bear for us as a result of how we responded to the future.

People will certainly place their luck on years, zodiacs, naysayers and doomsayers too, but truly, one can only be certain when one is in deep reflections of the past, learning it by self-flagellating instead of self-aggrandizement, correcting by accepting instead of denying it, moving on by forgiveness instead of hubris and much more, overcoming oneself not for greatness but for the glory of the ONLY ONE.

Similarly speaking, fate is like a leaf trying to coil and recoil in a twig, no matter how you bend them to conform to what you thought is necessary it will find its way to you. So, it’s on how you respond to fate as it comes that makes the difference. I believe in man’s destiny but not in pre-destination and passes judgment to no one for I shall also be judge by the same yardstick I use in judging others.

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4 thoughts on “Journey 137: FATE

  1. Very well said Doc Wendell. Thanks for featuring my photo.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    • You are very much welcome. I liked your photo and has been a practiced on my blog and fan page, I only feature Filipino photos and put my thoughts on it. Thank you also for appreciating my thoughts on your photo. Its the humblest interpretation one can ever give for a wonderful photo you had.

      Happy New Year my friend and to your family too.

  2. Francis Jahnro

    Fate also makes our relatives but choice makes our friends. Thank you kuya for being a friend to me. hope you have a fun new year. 🙂

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