Journey 138: The Joys of the New Year

After the merrymaking, explosive fireworks and the food that we shared past midnight ushering the New Year 2011, now what? It’s cleaning time, I mean seriously cleaning ourselves figuratively and literally. One aspect of the turn of events such as turning of years is the ability of mankind to be as prospective as ever. We relied all too heavily on the tarots, palm readers, zodiacs and prophesy to guide us in the coming year but truly, what has the “strike-to-midnight” means to you, to us? What does it bear on us as mankind?

I say that on the first day of the year 2011, we should get rid of those that we have had in the past – attitudes, bad habits, clichés, and bad moods. We should be able to live forward and not backwards. The only way that holds us from attaining our future potentials in 2011 is our decision to get stuck in the past, then so we must – let go. Let us be able to press forward with calculated steps, wisely-made decisions and better understanding of our roles in each other’s lives, our work and careers, schools and others. It is the joys of the New Year that makes us refreshed, renewed and gained rebirth.

The year that has just passed is something one can get its lessons and improve ourselves in the present.

As for those whom I have offended in the years that has passed, my sincerest apologies. For those whose future I shall share in the year 2011, welcome! Let us press on with vitality, unity, understanding, trust, joys of loving and forgetting those that has been and lay our eyes TOGETHER on the days and months ahead in 2011.

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