Journey 139: The FLIGHT

Just as we take another page in the 2011 yearbook, actually, its first page of sort, we need to take on the first step for some but to many take on the flight. Flight to where one should be in the days and months ahead, careers, families, relationships. Choices have to be made in this and one that we can confidently carry for the rest of the year and the rest of our lives. Some take on little steps of critical assessment of where their next focus should be, their next career path, their dream job, dream date, ideal man or woman, kids to bear and many others for their heart’s delight. To many, 2011 will be a flight from where they had been missing in 2010 thus along the way, one has to immediately address issues and resolve them.

The issues one has to fairly address in 2011 are those we missed out in 2010 thus many would opt to take on the challenges of leapfrogging from where they were and to where they wanted to be. Sometimes, the only thing that differs is that along the way, we discard thoughts, ideas, experiences, relationships, careers and others in so abrupt manner that the separation is thus devastating and counterproductive.

For the year that is destined zodiacally to the metal rabbit, one has to calculate each step, each decision which has to be made. One has to take the flight off if one has already been securely fasten with much confidence, vitality, strength, stamina and determination to carry on the tasks that awaits them.

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