Journey 141: Your HERO’s WELCOME is HERE

I have just been linked to those whose lives were forever changed because of the passing away of the 10 brave and heroic nurses who perished in the fire on the unfortunate dawn of December 19, 2010. It was the gloomiest day we have had and what we felt now are the pains of moving on and letting go. As I had been saying to those whose loss were much felt, go on with your journey with our love, affection, respect, admiration for your hero’s welcome is here- right inside us and in our hearts we felt you.

Days after I have first written my blog, I felt their spirit coming to me through the leaves that came into my office from the window, swept by an aerie wind and the coldness, I felt their spirits. That same night, as I live alone in my house, when going up the landing of the second floor to switch on the lights, I felt the unusual presence of them standing at the flight of stairs, I never felt strange nor fear but prayerful and lighted scented Chinese candles at the altar where the photos of my late dad and mum was. After that, it was all peaceful again and even if I never get to know them personally, I felt the pains and loss of their parents, relatives, girlfriends and friends. I say this is not easy and I know it is hard but the promise for all of us is that we got to go back to where we should be and for them, they have finished the race already, ahead of us. They are welcomed as heroes already in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

Many might be wondering what I am doing this for. The answer is not far. I felt them as a friend whom they have never met. I felt their parent’s loss even if I am miles apart from where they are. I felt them because I used to be an Academic Head of our City Campus where our nursing program is and I was, during my stint, very strict on the review arrangements of our graduates. I personally associated myself with those first batch of graduate-nurses that we had, all 15 of them who passed the NLE. Believe me, I was the only one, along with my CIs who stayed with our graduates when they took the NLE, welcome them after each day’s exam and reassuring them. I was, of sort, very hands-on with our nursing graduates and still felt for these 10 nurses who were perished and whose lives were taken away from their loved ones because of neglect, lack of foresight and insensitivity of some people who were involved in the process. This should not go unpunished and people must be held accountable for their deaths, starting from the where the decision was made in selecting the review center where they went, down until the last person is held accountable. They deserve the justice everyone seeks and my prayers are with them.

As we continue to remember them in our prayers and daily musings of life and living, I share with you the song by Michael Bolton delivered lived called, “Go the Distance”. I knew they are happy where they are now and wants those whom they have left behind to be with them too, in prayers and love.

Like those with open hands, let us embrace their passing through of this world with the promise that we will see them again in eternity. They are surely watching over you and your daily time on earth. Just take your step with an open hand, receive their blessings and prayers for your safety too. They will guide us back to where they are right now and they are waiting to embrace you.

Continually rest in peace my brothers Jerome, Francis, Nelmar, Jenzen, Henderson, Justin, Ryan, Allen, Jayjay and Ron.

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