Journey 142: SURVIVAL

This one has been harder to do even when you are all alive trying to breathe and take in whatever it is to live further. It’s more painful seeing someone trying to survive and break free from the impending death or depression because someone they adored, loved, cared for have just left them. Both are stronger temptations to give up and just end here but the motivation and the will to live more is made manifests by those whose genuine love and affection are given even if we do not seek them. These are genuine and unsolicited smiles, hugs, ear to listen, heart to welcome us back and embrace us for our incompleteness and more so, find us a space to be stronger yet again to see another day.

Even a child in a hospital because she is prematurely given by birth, even Jenna Marie Kunze, a 24 month old baby girl can and will survive. She is the strongest link one family has been tied up in heaven and for her family to feel her through every minute, every hour and day. Surviving for living is one aspect humanity is well-known for. We seek out to breathe again even if we are handicapped by chance, circumstance and even time. Lesson one can learn through survival is our ability to understand our own vulnerability, that in our absence, perhaps one will be made whole because they better understand life as we have lived it.

Also while we survived and lived, one will be able to be reminded of our vulnerability too that one day, we shall undergo the way that should not at one instant but has to because they have to.

The power to live is far greater than the chances to give up! Press on and live a LIFE!

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4 thoughts on “Journey 142: SURVIVAL

  1. gretchen

    yes the ability to survive is at risk but i do firmly believe with all prayers pouring out to save and give healthy and normal life for Jenna Marie Kunza will be the BEST GIFT GOD can give to her parents … that u alone God can give and breathe for this tiny precious angel … Jenna Marie Kunza … 🙂 thank u very much Wendell i do appreciate this poem of survival … 🙂

    • You are most welcome Gretchen. You are my friend and when you asked to write something about survival and give it to Jenna’s parents, I hope I was able to send the right inspiration and touched their hearts as intended.

      Send my hugs and prayers for Jenna.

      God bless too

  2. Melody Spears

    We are praying for Baby Jenna and your whole family. We love and miss you all. Gale, Melody and Taylor Spears

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