Journey 143: Our WOMEN

Women are the best gifts to Men and for that purpose alone, they have to respected, adored, loved and protected. It is of a sorry state that many marriages are broken down because men use force, their own brute force to a hapless woman. In the home, the mother and wife are the “light of the world”, they give guidance, protection and respect to children and they also do chores that are needless, unpaid for. They are doing service to the home we build and sadly, they still get battered.

I have known many women battered by their husbands and even with their fragile state, many men are still keen on maltreating and manhandling women they love and professed to love. That is most unfair among women and should not be tolerated at all times. We have the law and the law should take its course. In the discourse and debate on the rights of women, the primordial consideration is that women among children are the most vulnerable sectors on degradation, exploitation, and abuse on all fronts. Thus, they have to be protected at all cost by the State. What has happened in the home are far-reaching and give psychological trauma to women whose situations were perpetuated by the very men they loved and adored. What made it worse if the men are doing it in the fit of anger or disappointment, but no just cause or whatever, can ever justify physical abuse of husbands to wives.

It is against sacrosanct laws that bind couples. Against reason and against the law to batter one’s wife. This one leads me to ask: Where was the love? Where is the love now?

If these are done unto you woman, flee and seek help. If this has been the first time, do not wait until there will be second, third, fourth and ultimately, your last!

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