Journey 146: of FEALTIES

In everything that happens to us, whether in relationships or work, it requires fealties to which we dedicate ourselves and consecrated ourselves to the causes of doing good unto others and do no harm to each one. It is on this notion that one must understand that fidelity to the vows we made or to the contract we enter, require much perseverance, sufficient understanding and strong will to fight temptations.

The fighting of temptations is a lifetime process, that as long as we ever lived and as long as we breathe, we will commit to no one except to those whom we choose to love, abide in such love and increase it as we live each day. Similarly to work, one must also be enormously loyal to the public trust and public good. One can never divest himself/herself from public interests when his/her work requires it thus become the man/woman of substance above all else.

Becoming of substance requires that one must also understand the complexities of commitment, that in no way, one can escape from temptations but what is relatively important is our ability to stay loyal and true to what we have committed, vowed and pledge. We may falter but in each and every fall, one must be able to rise up, dust themselves off, continue making the walk towards the direction of hope and redemption with a certainty of hope and the discipline of wisdom as well as guidance.

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