Journey 148: The PEACE

Amidst the chaos one feel about living and the hustle of a life so stressed, there is peace. Amidst the pains of losing, grieving and in our solace, there is peace, inner peace. One must not cease from searching for those that helps us understand the complexities of life and dying. LIFE and death are twin celebrations. We celebrate at every birth, however, in irony and in pain, we also have to celebrate the LIFE of those whom we have loss. I never dwell on what kills us physically but rather I dwell on what gives me inner peace by thinking of the LIFE well-lived by those whom I loved and cared for. This should also be felt by those whom Jay-Jay, Jenzen, Allen, Ryan, Ron, Henderzon, Jerome, Francis, Nelmar, and Justin have left behind. They are gone to heaven and they are your intercessors, your angel and your watch-keeper.

They are your watch-keeper and protector from above and afar. They are near you but you still felt them from afar. Feel them inside your hearts and you will feel the lightness of inner peace, the peace no one can ever explain unless they have also gone through the pains of losing like you did. What they needed are your prayers, continued remembrance and respect.

As what Jessica Babaran, the mother of Jenzen Lopez said that she “has to trust in Jesus Christ and that she has now an intercessor and an angel in heaven in Jenzen”, all must also wished them their peace, respects, love, and admiration.

I may have never known their families or them personally but I felt the pains one must have to undergo. I share in their loss and until now, I know the pain is still there, that no matter how we intend to move on, we still felt the emptiness and the void but again, look within your heart and feel your inner peace and then, all of them will be there, happily inside your heart and in your memory.

Let us then unlock the doors of our inner peace and meet them in our prayers. The reassurance for those whom they have left behind is that someday, one day, you will see them in Heaven and of course, unlike Eric Clapton’s song, truly, they will KNOW your name when they see you in heaven. It will be your happiest embrace.

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