Travel 112: The Romantic Guilin City in China

In late October 2010, when the temperature in China slowly dips in the welcoming of winter, our host for the training made us visit the Romantic Guilin City, of which I should say, it was indeed romantic and a place to be while you are in Guangxi, in China.

The place was with different foreign tourists so you will not feel alone when you go there. It is here that one can get a glimpse of the Elephant Trunk Hill, a hill shaped naturally like a trunk of an Elephant, thus the name.

What made it more romantic is the river cruise, a two hour river boat ride downstream. You will have your hearty meals inside the ferry and when it is the right time, go to the roof-deck of the ferry for a better and romantic view of the mountains. These landscapes are what I usually see in movies. Its blissful, romantic, lovely and breathtaking.

Come to Guilin City, in China and make your experience worthwhile. Believe me, it’s one experience in your life that you will not going to let go.

While you are in China’s southern part provinces and especially in Guangxi, come to Guilin City. It is the loveliest City in China that I have been, apart from of course, the historic and captivating Beijing and Shanghai.

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