Journey 150: How Do I LOVE thee?

How do I love thee? Let us count the ways. That is 365 and counting chances of saying I LOVE YOU and yet the word is not enough to express how you felt. Those are days and years you held hands together, physically or mentally, much better, spiritually. Those are days and years you open the doors for her/him and usher in peacefully, with a smile on your face even at life’s most disturbing trials and challenges. Those are the chances you both feel like going out to open spaces and declare your affection at the top of your lungs and hear the echoes sounding sweetly. Those are moments when you cried together because there are things and events not ought to be. Those are times you texted, called and whispered sweet nothings on each other. Those are moments you felt silly asking nonsensical questions just to be able to talk and share ideas and thoughts. Those are moments you felt alone in the world where what matters are only the two of you. Those are times and moments where you also felt each other, think better of your good thoughts about them and share in your depths and disappointments in life as well as the victories we won.

How do I love thee? I love you for the rest of every minute, hour, days, months and years of my forever on earth, perhaps, it flies to eternity. Love is what we shared and love that is, that sustains us. We hold love into our hands and proudly wields it.

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2 thoughts on “Journey 150: How Do I LOVE thee?

  1. Archie Dairocas

    The best!!!!!!

    • Thank you Archie for liking this blog. I had been and will always be in love with the person I am with and those around me.

      Send them out and pass this to your friends too. Who knows, it is what they had been waiting to read to sustain the love they also felt.

      Good day my friend.

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