Journey 151: The HERO

How many of you have seen a “real-life, breathing hero” of your own? How many have seen them walk through all corners of the earth and inspire people the way it captivated you. Certainly, our context definition of heroes are those found in books, newspapers, magazines and what media is defining them but real heroism happens every day. It happens where you are and when you least expected it. When crossing a road and nearly gotten into an accident, the next person who happens to be a stranger who have saved you is your hero, those are angels sent to guard you. When you are lonely and sorrowful, friends are like heroes trying everything to cheer you up and while you are down, stays with you to listen.

Heroism is never something illustriously out of reach. Heroism are much felt whenever we are in the midst of every problem, challenge, trial and tribulation. Your hero could be your boss who continually inspires you to aspire for more professionally. Your hero could be your parents who believed in you and your dreams. Your hero could be the next man or woman sleeping beside you every night, eat with you in a table so huge and also those who writes you papers of sort, application papers to resignation papers. These are daily heroes we meet every day but refused to see them through because we thought that heroes are immortality minted in Greek mythology. We refuse to acknowledge them because we thought that heroes are seen on TV and those with shining armour carrying you in their carriages.

Our hero are ordinary men and women who helped us shaped the better us. They are there with us whenever we are in need of them and their presence and stands by whenever we seemed to be forgetful about them. Indeed, heroism is not what you think it is but it does happen every day and by far, done by ordinary people whom you at the very least, taken for granted.

It is never late to recognize them as they are in your lives. Embrace them!

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