Journey 152: COMPASSION

I was struck by the post of my friend about what has happened in Tucson, Arizona. I searched and learned that a shooting incident happens outside a Tucson grocery store which killed six people including a federal judge, Chief Judge John Roll and a 9 year old child and others wounded including Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Until now, investigations are underway to ascertain culpability and the ones who perpetrated it.

A few days ago, a friend also posted about the senseless killing of a great young man in her neighbourhood, just three doors away from where she lives. This happens in Detroit.

Last month, 10 Filipino nursing graduates who are taking the exams too are loss in a fire in Tuguegarao City and left families in grief and pains.

In all these, one must summon compassion to live on the legacy of humanity. Admittedly speaking too, I have never known these people personally but I felt their loss, felt how the pains of families and loved ones, the future they have missed and the greatness of life they have lived. It is unspeakable to think otherwise because we are a family, Americans, Filipinos, Europeans, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and everyone. It speaks of our own humanity being attacked by cold-hearted rogues and criminals. It is an unfortunate event we all shared as we are held on together by friendship, love, respect and adoration for human life.

The crime scenes in Tucson, in Detroit and in Tuguegarao Cities are without respect to human life and the value we give to each whose lives were touched by these people. These people could have become successful still in their chosen lives and careers. They could have been greater still, in their passion of helping others and they could have been compassionate still of the plight of others. These separate incidents have robbed us of our ability to see through life without feeling vulnerable each day. Now, we felt, more than ever that our lives are as much vulnerable from crimes and terrorism and understood clearly well, how a callous person or groups of persons can put an end to a beautiful life well lived.

Just like the compassionate hands, we are all humanity’s hope for a better society. Let us share the pains and sorrows of those whose lives were altered because of these crimes and senseless killings of innocent people. Let us be the solutions to the ills of society and lead life where we can be a mirror-image of kindness, compassion, piety and respect for the lives of others.

I share in the pains of the families and friends whom these people have left. I share in their loss and grieving. We shall never rest until justice has been served. God bless us all!

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