Journey 153: The TRUTH

Having watched the film The Man in the Iron Mask, I was rekindling past glories of what was France and that the empire at the height of its glorious past, was once the seat of power, grace, opulence and truth. It is a movie that captures our understanding of what is truth and what we are made to believed to be the truth in our lives. Similarly speaking, the truth we faced each day may vary from one person to the other, to one situation to the other and to one’s stature to the other, however, it’s still the same TRUTH no matter what.

There are lies that destroy lives but I believed there is one TRUTH that restores them all as what the conversation was between one of the Musketeers and the Queen in which it was revealed that another son was in the dungeon, kept from the public eye and is “truthfully” being known to the public and the Queen. Well, in real life too, this is true. There are truths that are harder to take, like a bitter pill, but it is what one needs to awaken from their slumber. It is one needs to make us realize that life is much well-live when it is in the truth than living in the world of lies and make-belief.

Our passion for helping others and inspiring them towards the truth require us to be honest, transparent and at will, accountable. We are accountable for the actions we do and the words we speak. We are transparent for the things we divulge and those that are not. We are honest in the dealings that we do and are proud of it.

It is what matters in life, no matter how lowly your station in life is. No matter if you are single mother or a broken family, no matter if you are son or a daughter, no matter if you are husband or a wife, no matter if you are boyfriend or a girlfriend, a partner and others. It is incumbent upon us to honor each other with the truth because only then that we are forever blessed with genuine friends and families as well as years of happiness.

There may be events and decisions I may have regretted not doing in my life but I shall forever live with the thought that even in love, I have been honest and transparent, that no matter what my limitations are, it does not stop me from loving the very person I respected, cared for and loved.

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