Journey 154: INSPIRATION

The moment one wakes up in the morning and hear the bird chirps outside the window, it’s pure bliss. The sunrise one gets to see each day is one opportunity anyone would not miss. The warmth embrace of those whom you love and cared for each morning when you wake up is one rarity these days. The text messages one gets to be greeted in the morning is one will surely be missed. There are inspirations one can easily get from mundane day to day activities that we live our lives but surely we missed them out.

How many of you, because of your busy life and career have appreciated the slowness of time? We complained too much if time is too slowly ticking and we have appointments to catch up – by that, we missed out appreciating how people walk down the streets, how they care for each other, how they talk to one another. When you are talking to the person you love on the phone each day, how many of you talk more than 5 minutes? How many of you talked about asking how they were and just plainly saying I LOVE YOU? When eating breakfast, how many of you appreciate the hands that prepared them and hugged them for the effort they have shown you each day? These are inspirations we do not see albeit it happens every day to us and to you.

When you are busy at work? How many of you appreciate someone closed to you telling you not to get too stressed out and relaxed a bit? Or better yet, how many of you texted someone to tell them not to get stressed at work? How many of you get to tell your loved one to take care always although you knew they are old enough to care of themselves? These are inspirations one never get to do often.

When you are cared for either physically, emotionally, spiritually and materially, how many of you are grateful for it? How many thanked people for their inspiration each day? How many of you recognized that even in little things, one can get inspiration to no ends? How many of you value time, days, months and years being together as a couple and learning to grow with each other?

Even in silence, how many of you appreciated the time well-spent in reflecting where did you go wrong and how did you get to where you are now? How many of you get to understand that in every time and day you are exclusively on your own, answering questions for yourself is far more inspiring than being in the moment where lies are believed to be the truth and truth are in fact, lies.

There are many ways to be an inspiration for others and getting inspired by others. It is in appreciating little things that happens to us that matters each day. It is in giving us the opportunity to give inspiration that counts to us no matter how lowly or highly our life’s station is.

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6 thoughts on “Journey 154: INSPIRATION

  1. so awakening. touching and relieving. it also means to me much, quite affirming on my little acts of gratitude. the message is indeed life giving in general and work taking on these days by reflecting and acting it upon. glad to find out that you take a chink of your time to share this to me. it is inspiring — to keep life moving.

    god bless you doc wends. hail on.

  2. it is an honor for me to be able to give inspiration to others as much as I gained inspiration from them too. Life has to be lived that way, at least, on our own pacing and life, we can build something worthy to dwell. Life will not be as complicated if we only get inspiration from others and inspire others in return. It is what should keep us moving on in life the way we could have wanted it to be for we knew our purpose and role.

    I am grateful to too Jana for being such a kind friend in China. I had been missing you and you are the first of our team to arrived in my house -pronto and all those memories I truly enjoy for the rest of my life.

    God bless too

  3. Inspiration!!! Probably one of my favorites. I love it when inspirations just grabs me and makes me through myself into a new scheme, without knowing where it will end. Sometimes I hardly know where to start, but suddenly I find that I already have. This is what inspiration does to me, and then it guides me through the process until I come out on the other side of the plan. By then I have probably learned something about myself and I have made something with my hands;a painting or even a poem, my rants. I love the feeling that fills me after inspiration has left – satisfaction.,,

    Now I’m reminded with how much inspirations I can get out of my extreme life…

    SalamaT kaaYo SiR!!!

    • Yes, that is how inspiration can give one person and the results usually are made manifests in arts, music, being a storyteller, playwright and teacher.

      I am happy to have inspired you through my blog. God bless you Arkent.

  4. gretchen

    God created everything … dont forget God … the author of this wonderful creation on earth … thank God first before anything else … for giving u another day, for the beautiful sun rise, chirping of the birds among other things …. God is good … all the time … 🙂

    • Yes Gretchen, God is the author of everything here on earth and in heavens. It is incumbent upon man to gratefully acknowledge Him in all ways and in everyday and in every way. I hope you have liked the blog and God bless you.

      How are you now? Wishing you all the best. God bless my friend.

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