Journey 155: The CALL

Calling through anything is what we, humans are doing every day. It is in the manner and quality of each call that differs and that matters. We sometimes call someone through mobile phone or the landline at homes, office, or wherever we are for mostly, utility purposes: Where did you put the keys in the house? Where are you going after lunch-break? Who are with you? Who is with the kids? Who takes care of the house and the kids? Who watches over grandparents? Who watches over the car? Did you get my bill already paid? Did you go to the grocery already? Did you bought the shoes I asked? All of these and many more are what the nature of our calls to loved ones, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, siblings, and friends.

Suppose you are given 5 minutes to talk to God. What will you asked? You cannot ask God the perennial utility question because He knows what you think before you say it. And before you can even open your mouth, God will tell you, let go of your worries. Let go.

True, even I myself, worry too much about events in the lives of those whom I cared, loved and appreciated. But honestly, have we ever thought that one day, we will be leaving this world and if one call will ever be our yardstick for legacy, what will it be? Do we like to be remembered as someone who always asked about their house, their cars, their careers or others materially? Or do we want to be remembered as someone who asks questions like: How was your day went? I love you, have you had a nice lunch or dinner? Have you had talked to your parents about something? Have you had a peaceful sleep? Will you take care for me please?

It is in the quality of calls we make every day that defines us as a person that we are truly are. Be the best you can ever be in LIFE by showing that LIFE has more to learn from than the worries we get every day and the utility we use of each call for our own purposes. Learn to unlearn what you have been doing all along and start making those new calls now, who knows, inspiration again starts with you today.

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4 thoughts on “Journey 155: The CALL

  1. gretchen

    my morning starts with lifting up to God my day thats my first call coz i know He is a “BIG GOD” … and i give thanks to God for giving me another day to live for a purpose … thats my CALL … 🙂

  2. Thank you Gretchen. Me too. I liked talking to God in my solitude and being alone, I got the chance to talk to Him the more.

    God bless you and your family.

  3. rosario ardroumli

    sorry wendell…took my facebook out.its there but for the meantime i took everyone one facebook.i love reading your blogs etc..keep in touch always…tita rosie

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