Journey 156: NEVER ALONE

For some time now, I am living on my own, in a huge house, trying to maintain it as a home but for a greater time, I felt as I did and presently still, I never felt alone. I never was and is alone. Tonight, I came across the song by Lady Antebellum and Jim Brickman appropriately titled “Never Alone”, which I included here for you to listen while reading this blog. I felt pain yes, I am just as human as you are and what did I felt while listening to it, I felt lonely yes, which is acceptable – but alone? Never.

This reminds of me of those friends I have in my life who became pregnant and bear children on their own, raising these children on their own and by themselves. I valued them as much as they valued their children, they mended their ways by living a life that is fuller because of their children. Many in the world today, not only here from where I lived, women, younger even, are pregnant and becoming single mothers. No, I do not like people looking at them in a condescending manner in fact I corrected people trying to gossip their lives away – that is not the proper and right way of embracing a lady who is stronger than you think she is. I say stronger because raising a family by herself is no mean feat. It requires the ability of a husband/provider and the caring/nurturing heart of a mother. Imagine how tirelessly will she toil day and night to provide for her family and did she ever felt alone? Never, I do not think so.

I also have a couple of friends who came from broken families with all sort of stories, from drunkard and irresponsible fathers to philandering husbands and even to husbands who beat wives. Did the children ever felt alone? Never. They have mustered the courage to move on as a family, living normal lives and trying to regain the pieces shattered by one person they all adored. Did I ever hear them complain? No, never.

Just recently, I have as friends on FACEBOOK, the loved ones of those who perished in Tuguegarao City. I have read their posts, trying to hold back time, mending loneliness by getting by the thoughts they have shared together when the 10 brave nurses were still alive. They are lonely, yes, I can feel them. They are still grieving, yes, I can feel them too. Some were asking for signs, dreams and visitations, I felt them too. Are they alone? No, never. Those loved ones who have left will at short notice comes to their rescue when these ladies cry, when these ladies look at their photos together, touching their hearts and while they are sleeping, those who have gone into their rest will comfort them. Even in life and death, one is NEVER ALONE.

Our ability to spring up and respond to the challenges that befall us, no matter what is essentially important. People may looked at us as alone because we walk on streets by ourselves, shop at the grocery store alone, live in a home alone and enjoys life alone. For me, what matters is that even in our loneliness, we never waver in our faith in God who keeps us company. When we are aware of the purpose God has given us at the crucial moments of our living here on earth, our heart warms every day in spite what others see in us. It does not actually matters how they see us, what matters is how we believed ourselves at the lowest chapters of our lives, that by God’s grace, we will rise up and even alone, stands up walking alone and yes again, NEVER ALONE.

Just like the withering tree, we may stand alone but mightily as we stood the tests of time, we shall redeem ourselves by God’s grace and yes again and again, NEVER ALONE.

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4 thoughts on “Journey 156: NEVER ALONE

  1. gretchen

    its a beautiful message … ul never walk alone if God is in ur heart … rearing my own children was no joke but with God, He has given me strength to move on with my life so as my children does too … a big clap hands to our Creator in Heaven … God is wonderful … 🙂

  2. Yes, I agree with you Gretchen. I thank you that you liked the blog I wrote. Its one way of recognizing that in everything that we do and in whatever situation we are in, as long as there is God in us and within us, we will never be alone.

    God bless you.

  3. Emma

    Nice one Doki…. Being “alone” may seem to be a quite depressing word if you really think about it and imagine and feel as though you are indeed literally alone… But for as long as you have all those memories burn in your mind and in your heart forever, regardless whether those are happy and not-so-happy ones, you are never alone. Never alone.

    I have also come a long way…. as a solo parent, but while there are times that I get tempted to dwell on the loneliness of being ‘physically & emotionally alone’ of having to battle the seemingly endless challenges of being a mother/father all at the same time, what keeps me going is the fact that I know somewhere, somehow, SOMEONE UP THERE is holding my hand and never letting me go to face all these ALONE.

    Doki just remember the 21 days in China… it helps you know 🙂 and know that we are right here… I am right here, in thoughts and in prayers…so you are never alone. CHeers!!!

    • Yes and I will forever be grateful for the days we spent in China together. it has brought all of us more closer with each other together with the rest of the Philippine delegation.

      Thank you for liking my blog. All my prayers too.

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