Readings 101: Reading SOROS

Since I have been and will always be a consummate reader and a voracious one too, I will start featuring the books I am currently reading and has kept me company for a good period of time, perhaps days.

As of now, I am reading the book “The Bubble of American Supremacy” written by George Soros. I think all of you knew of him already and his fame and fortune as preceded his stature and reputation too.

I liked the thoughts of George Soros who wanted to have a responsible USA amidst the global hullaballoo of international interventions, commitments, failure of American foreign policy, its super-ego boosting record of acting as the world’s policeman and superpower. He also espoused the concept of open society of which I subscribed no questions about that. In his book too, he made mention of how ODA (Official Development Assistance) are most often, squandered by receiving countries in the developing world and the concept of resource curse that has plague mostly developing countries with corrupt governments and leaders.

This book is indeed a good read and a good book to understand how geopolitical and economic dimensions are critically taking center-stage in the way American superpower is projected in the world and the manner it was all dispensed. This book also professed the concept of open society where democracy should be allowed to thrive in the grassroots.

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One thought on “Readings 101: Reading SOROS

  1. This is the book I am currently reading. What is yours?

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