Journey 158: Moving on

Yesterday afternoon, I received a text from one of the survivors of the Tuguegarao City fire telling me they are at the Philippine Lung Center for their medical check up, all 10 of them, graduates of the University of La Sallete in Santiago City, in Isabela. They were accompanied by ULS staffs and was touched by the gesture that the text message we shared between us was heart-warming and a reassurance that the survivors are now moving on. I told them to carry on the task for greater is the responsibilities they took upon their shoulders because they have lived today to retell the stories of what has happened on the dawn of December 19, 2010. It was a tragic death of the 10 nurses of Isabela but it is also a momentous life for the other 10 nurses of La Sallete.

I take on the courage writing about them who have chosen to move along despite this tragedy. They have a life full to live and memories to live by those brave souls who have left them in their journey. Their motivation of moving on in life is the gift of life they have been given. I will never deny them the chance to be embraced even in my prayers and support.

Anyone who might be reading this blog can offer them prayers and donate in their behalf for their continued antibiotics and other medicines needed for their lungs as mostly of them have lung problems due to the smoke inhalation. They needed ointment for burns and mostly, they need our support to forever live again. We are humanity out to care for each other. I am hoping that someone will find peace in giving them more chances of living after this tragedy.

I have cared for those 10 souls who have left but we have more to care for those who survived in the fire. They needed our help more than you could have ever known. The road may become narrower ahead but we are journeying along, we are together in this journey. We shall overcome!

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