Journey 159: Learning on

This is by far the most poignant song I have ever heard recently. I have been in the ups and downs of my life by God remains to be my beckon of hope, the ray of sunlight and my shining star. I have had the worse career experience in my life and mistreated by even the person who is leading the institution I worked with but LIFE must be lived well no matter what.

By now, I just forget if I worked for Senator Edgardo Angara in the Senate before. I just forget if I worked at DLSU-College of Saint Benilde. I just forget that I educated in the best universities and was able to do research, presenting these overseas and get respected in return. But life, as we make it is what should matter, not the conditions others want us to be in.

This song reminds me that no matter what, one should never complain of his present station in life but rather learn from it and move on. In moving on, we take on the road alone, yes, the road where one can always be on his own but his friends and families are there.

I do not complain even if the President of the State College I worked treated me shabbily. I do not complained if they took my service vehicle, the phone plan I am using, and worse, placed my working table near the kitchen and comfort room in the president’s office. I do not complain because at least, when the time comes, it will not be me who will be repaying every bad treatment, every harsh working condition and every worse thought. I will forever go down in the history of this institution as the only person who works near a comfort room but all is well in me. I can go on with my life every after office hours and live it well. As I have said, it is not me who will be repaying every bad experiences but them. Under this situation, I truly believed that karma is just around the bend.

Like this nautilus out to sea, I shall be swift in my departure for what is best that awaits me, I have served this institution very well.

So, I enjoy in the comforts of this song. I hope you enjoyed it too.


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