Journey 160: Embracing Jordan Rice, our true hero

When reading through CNN, I came across the story of bravery, courage, unselfishness and heroism of a brother who sacrificed his life to save his younger brother in the floods of Toowoomba, Queensland. Jordan Rice, 13 was with his Mum Donna and his younger brother Blake, 10 years old, out to buy school uniform when their car was stuck in the floodwaters. When reached by a passer-by, he said to rescue his brother first and begged the good Samaritan passer-by Warren McErlean to save his mother fast. He was the picture of a great son, a cheerful brother and a hero. His sacrifices for his brother Blake have never been left unnoticed. Many in Australia and elsewhere were moved by his heroism and sacrifice and we condole with the Rice family for their tragic loss of a son.

Out of his generosity, the life of his 10 year old brother was saved. His generosity has been my source of strength and inspiration amidst the chaos one got to feel in life’s journey. In these unfortunate floods in Australia, I beg each and every one of you to offer your prayers and help. People in Queensland and other areas hit by the floods need our support whatever it is. We need more than ever to be part of humanity’s quilt, built for everyone and by everyone who cares for a friend, family and a generation of Australians. We are all Australians now more than ever, although we belong to different races, we share the pains and sorrows of all those whose homes were ravaged, future altered and whose lives were forever changed because of this flood.

Jordan Rice has taught me that brotherly sacrifice is what we need to care for one’s own that even in our own life’s struggles, we need to let go of our own conveniences and sacrifice for LIFE. Yes, I knew Jordan could have chosen to live to tell the story but his heroism and decision has outlived even us who remains to be alive. His heroism has outlived even the bravest among us and for that, Jordan remains to be in our hearts, forever alive.

Rest in Peace our hero Jordan Rice. Your generosity of spirit have captured and moved me in these times that real heroes are what we meant to understand sacrifice and love for one’s own brother. Your heroism shall never be forgotten.

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10 thoughts on “Journey 160: Embracing Jordan Rice, our true hero

  1. Rest in Peace Jordan, you did Australia proud 🙂

  2. Rachael

    Your beautiful words move me to tears
    I am a Queenslander and we have had a horrible time here
    but your words bring so much comfort to me.
    Thursday my small town finally got access to the outside world via road We have had to watch all the horror unfold on TV and computers But this town counts itself as very lucky. Yes we had to use what food we had sparingly and yes we had no fuel, that didnt matter anyway as we couldnt go anywhere. This town knew that what was going on in other area’s was a lot worse then anything we could ever comprehend.
    As they say the pen is more powerful than the sword You have a very powerful pen there Wendell as your words of comfort warm my heart and help me to know We are not alone in this horrible disaster
    So thankyou from the bottom of my heart Wendell xoxo

    • Rachael, your struggles and those of countless others have been heard by mostly all around the world and yes, you were NEVER ALONE. My blog is dedicated to you and those whose lives were forever altered because of this disaster. I find inspiration in stories of people, ordinary people who helped others like them.

      Yes, our heroes are among us, they are like us, breath like us. We are among the many on earth who continually pray for a better world and a better life to live.

      Jordan has taught me that heroes are even closer to us and they are among us.

      God bless you Rachael and your family.

  3. Maryjane Falcon-Maranag

    am very touch and i cant help myself but cry… from the first paragraph of this blog my tears are falling.. i really really cried and i finished reading this blog for almost half an hour coz of my tears blurred my sight… i really feel for the family especially for the mother.. i am a mother too and its really hard to lost a son it like u lost ur life too… my condolences and prayers to the Rice family.. ur son is really a hero.. even to his last breath he showed his unconditional love to his family…

  4. gretchen

    when i first read this story i couldnt cry as in cry literally but i was shuddered with the thought of losing someone u love for the sake of another person u love … its too devastating to bear and my stomach turning upside down coz i can feel the strength this young boy went through at the moment it happened … he gave his very own life to protect and save his brother … my eyes moving so fast as i read the story and when i reached the end of the story i didnt noticed my tears rolled down my cheeks … it made me feel so very empty … these are stories that would leave prints in our heart forever … for ur bravery dear Jordan Rice the price u paid for ur dear life is the Kingdom of Heaven where u will live with angels like U … 🙂

    • Thank you Gretchen. He will truly live in our hearts forever.

      May he rest in peace.

      His was a story of a brother’s keeper, deepest love and affection to a younger brother and much more, generosity of spirit.

  5. sheila richardson

    painful to read, but God takes the angels early. what heroism but more than that, how deep was his love. x

    • I agree with you Sheila that in what Jordan has done is more than anyone could ever do and it just shown to us how deep was a brother’s love to another, something not everyone sees everyday.

      May Jordan rest in peace. Let us remember him and his heroism always.

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