Poem 105: How Mighty the River be…

Oh how mighty the river be;
That it swept all of us and thee
For we hold dear and free
Our things, belongings and houses and the tree
The river rise up, yes, up to thee
When all is swelling and the rivers are mighty
You are mightier than the tree

Your journey may have stopped
But your legacy lives on
Mightily, courageously and heroically
You embraced death as majestically
“Save my brother first” says thee
Earnest and save my mother too;
But you gave most of us will do unwillingly…

How mighty the river be
But you embrace me far and wider than a tree
Your story has made me free
Yet I do value it like a tree
As life is made unto a tree
Stronger and mightier than a river be
But how mighty the river be
You are mightier than my tree.

† in memoriam to the heroism of Jordan Rice

– Wendell Glenn Cagape (Philippines, January 15, 2011)

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7 thoughts on “Poem 105: How Mighty the River be…

  1. It would be wonderful is ‘someone’ could stand up in front of the whole world and read this out at the funerals.
    It could always be known as *JORDAN* lives forever!

    • I will allow anyone to read this one at the funeral of those who perished in the floods in Australia and in the funeral of Jordan Rice. This is my humblest and deepest condolence to the family. May my poem finds strength from which I have obtained while learning of Jordan’s heroism.

      His legacy will never be forgotten.

      Rest in Peace Jordan Rice.

  2. Gerry

    Australia is crying. R. I. P. Jordan Rice a true Aussie Hero.In our hearts forever.

    • Yes Gerry, Australia is crying for the loss of a great son, the bravest I have ever known and the world share in your grief. I share in your loss and so with the rest of the peoples of the world.

      Condolences from the Philippines.

  3. Gerry

    Thank you Wendell, I don’t know the Family but he touched my heart.

    • me too but his story touched me as it did to countless others around the world. May he rest in peace.

      Let us send our love, respect, prayers and admiration to this young man who is a hero to all of us.

  4. Christ follower

    Peace, mate.

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