Readings 102: Reading Edwards

I have had a rare chance to get a copy of the book Saving Graces poignantly written by Elizabeth Edwards and it is one good read. I have seen the book already in the bookstore but just could not bear getting it for I knew from newswires that Edwards was battling breast cancer, was too emotional about the untimely death of her son Wade and the devastating blow of the infidelity of her husband, former US VP Candidate John Edwards.

So when I decided to get the book for myself on way to work, I have read it on my way up that even in the vehicle while traversing towards my work, I have consumed pages of it. When I opened CNN on my laptop for the news, I was shocked that on the very same day I bought the book, it was the same day Elizabeth Edwards passed away. I had an instant connection to her spirit and her struggle then so I pressed on reading the book.

Well, Saving Graces is what Elizabeth Edwards’ description of the kindness of her friends, families and even strangers when she suddenly knew she has cancer during the campaign trails. She was a determined woman who is out to make the best for her family but her struggle against breast cancer was taking a toll on her until she bid us goodbye.

When you have the chance, grab this book and read it. Women with breast cancer should also look for inspiration in her struggles, in her ability to rise above herself and to sustainably make her inspiration felt even to a young man in the Philippines, miles and miles across the globe to where she lies in peace.

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