Inspiration 102: NICK VUJICIC

So many years ago, I came across this video of motivational speaker and my inspiration Nick Vujicic. Perhaps, many of you have known him on youtube channel because he is very popular everywhere and many, including me has been inspired by his story and because of him, I never give up on life and living. It is him that I took upon myself my day-to-day mantra that no matter what, I will never give up.

Nick’s story is very much very unlike everyone else’s stories. I take my inspiration from him because he find LIFE even at its most challenging points. I say challenging because he has no arms and legs. He live his LIFE without limbs. But when I saw what he does and he does it very great, I am nobody in comparison. Who I am today is nothing compared to him and his ability to look at life the way we should be seeing it.

At first, when I saw this video, I never realized that my heart tightened and tears come down. I never realized that a man like Nick will make me realized how blessed I am with my LIFE and yet, there are times that I complained. It is Nick that reminds me to look beyond my present situation now and be optimistic of the future and what lies ahead. Nick taught me to be THANKFUL of what I have and never complained.

May you be inspired by his story and share this to all your families and friends.

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