Journey 162: The Road Less Traveled

Our lives are made up of roads and journeys we take up to where we are now. We knew of roads that are beautifully made up, replete with greeneries and markers every mile we have taken already but certainly, there are roads that are not as paved, poor conditioned and which has no directions or markers at all – but all the same, we took it nonetheless.

Every journey that we take for ourselves and those whom we valued so much in our lives are one that define us as a person. In sum, these made us become the better “we” instead of “I”. When we journey in life, no matter how the roads are, it must be with someone who better understand us and our journey. They give us the added boost, vitality and enthusiasm to look beyond every curve with positive direction and optimism. In life, when we are alone, even the travels and journeys seemed incomplete. We can better understand “us” when we share the journey and even if the roads are not as beautiful as this one, it will be full of meaning.

Our curves are temporary set-backs, those that we thought we can never bear to carry on and become broken in spirit and cheerfulness but as the road suggests, there are more straighter roads than curves and lesser dead-ends. When you are journeying and get stuck wherever you are at the certain road, count the miles you have traveled to get to where you are now, those are enough to define your destination and along the way, you have gained insights of life for you to generously share with those whom you valued and cared. Journey on and enjoy LIFE.

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4 thoughts on “Journey 162: The Road Less Traveled

  1. chubiop

    A very touching an inspirational reflection. I certainly agree with you. May I ask you to visit my site as well.

    Also, may I invite you to join a filipino catholic group on FB

    Thanks for sharing and keep them comi’n.

    Fr. Luigi

  2. hi wends, thanks for the post. im glad you like the photo. there are so many of that in camarines norte. some paved & others not. just like in life, it’s not at all smooth. but somewhere, somehow, we will all get off from that ride & continue on.

    • Pot, there are myriad reasons why we need to look at LIFE similarly to a road we travel and the journeys we do. I thank you for photo and I wished you have a great LIFE to share with those whom you cared so deeply about. I know you had already been sharing a great life and continue on.

      Thanks for liking my blog. God bless Pot.

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