Journey 163: This Too Shall Pass

All of us, at a certain moment of our times and lives, have experienced problems and trials big and small. I know that some are huge that we thought we cannot bear at all but God does not give us problems that we cannot carry on, after all, when we think we are wary already, then God will carry the burden for us. This too shall pass. The storm one has to endure today will pass through and calmness be felt.

When you are in the hospital because of illness and felt that nothing will ever cure you, hold on to God and take on His strength and all shall pass. The sickness will pass and give you a renewed spirit and a strengthened physical body.

When your relationships are in limbo because you are being cheated by your boyfriend/girlfriend or partner. When your marriage falls apart because you are beaten by your husband, then this too shall pass. When God take care of you and makes you decide for what is better for you both, then this shall pass. Believe me that this too shall pass and this will be like the previous days before.

When your loved one has passed away, God shall grant unto him eternal rest and peace which I believe has made his days on earth pass with much of his legacy intact and such remembrance be much felt.

When you felt you are at a loss because your career is not rewarding the way you expect it to be, then this too shall pass. You will have another one which can give you happiness much more the joys of helping those whom you served. Believe me, this too shall pass.

When you felt that your friendship is tested by dishonesty and disloyalty, then this too shall pass. You will be given new friends whom you will have who will true and honest all the way. Believe me, this too shall pass.

When you have problems big and small, do not worry, pray and believe that this too shall pass, like it was just the way it was before. The lesson we each learn from these is that it made us become more human who is sensitive on the feelings of those whom we cared and love. This makes us value them more than they could have imagined. Just learn and walk on, God will make it worthy for you to carry on in LIFE.

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