Journey 164: The Blessings of Old

Through the years, we accumulate varied journeys that defined us as we aged. When we have ripened enough, we already are crowned with wisdom exclusively reserved to those who have reached this pinnacle. The older one gets, the better person we can become. We can become more open to new generation correcting our bad habits and ways in the past. We understand them in their earnest desire for equity in terms of decision-making in their lives and in making lives work for the best, one gets to share in the blessings of those elderly whom we adored.

The blessings of age is golden, the ripened moments of sharing wisdom is pure bliss. When I am in the company of those whose respect and adoration is much felt and freely granted, I felt honoured and revered them. Though at times, there are moments I question their nagging reminders – not this, not that, do this, do that – but in retrospect those are what made them who they are in our society. They have seen ahead of what I cannot see at the moment. They have felt how I have not yet felt at the moment – ergo, they are more aware of what I can do to make my life even better and avoid repeating what they did wrong.

In these moments, respect, love, affection and adoration to our grandparents is what also define us as younger generation. It is prudent too to follow their guidance, it is their role in our lives but we just do not consider them until unfortunately, they are gone.

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