Travel 113: Historic Kuala Lumpur

While attending the 1st International Language Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in March 2008, I was able to be acquainted with the historic places and landmarks of KL. It is one journey that I had as a young academic that defines me and my definition of how history have shaped what is now the modern Malaysia. I am in awe at how they have preserved important landmarks and made this a places to visit for visitors coming to Malaysia.

We went to the old central train station in KL, built by the British and it is resplendent in its grand imposing structure. I loved the architecture and when visiting the blue mosque, I was in awe. The Blue Mosque can accommodate as many as 10,000 worshippers in one place at one given time. It is huge and the architecture is great.

I also went to the Freedom Plaza of sort in Kuala Lumpur where fallen heroes are forever honoured. Their military regiments and their names are forever inscribed on the ceiling of the structure surrounding the freedom monument and the monument.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is one city I loved coming back and explore again. The people are very friendly and speaks English as much as Filipinos or other Asians for that matter. Their taxi drivers are courteous and honest.

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