Journey 166. PURITY

There are moments we felt tempted to go to and by the ways of the world. Drinking and getting merrier every day and night is something of fashion nowadays and getting laid outside the solemnity of marriage and even extramarital sexual relations are ones which commonly can be seen in the disintegration of families, marital bliss and even in the purity of single blessedness. As sons and daughters of God, we are much better to know the difference between the ways of the world and the ways of righteousness. One can never justify being happy, content at life because he is drunk in the merriment of friends or have been counting sexual partners as if flipping through the pages of the book. In fact, it is somewhat the reverse. It destroys the very fiber of purity and the sanctity of our life’s purpose and direction.

Many we have seen have had lived a wayward life and ended up in spiritual poverty and some to an extent, graver than poverty. It robs us of the foundation of our own humanity, our own person and debases our own spirituality. It, in fact, rubs into us the kind of influence that we will all regret when the heydays are over. When we are sober and left with no one but ourselves, think and ponder. Where have all your life went through in your journey through life? Where have you been all these times when one must serve as an inspiration to others. We can never be perfect, yes, we can never be but we can always take it upfront and call the shots.

Purity and principle goes hand in hand too. It demands from us the kind of commitment that can never be bought or replaced with something worldly. It also embodies trust and assurances. Which is why in weddings, all brides wear white as a symbol of purity and wears the ring which is endlessly sealed in the powers of purity. One can never be perfect but at least, our imperfections can always be something to start on and live faithfully and purely towards the end.

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